+ This event is really important to me. Why should I book The Argyles?

Great question! First off, The Argyles take your event seriously and know how important it is to you. On top of that, we are full of experience and real-deal talent. For example, lead singer Tje Austin was a finalist on NBC's The Voice, and everyone in the lineup is a music professional. Plus, we are hip, fun, vibrant, and we love to have a good time! Also, the songs we play continue to stay fresh for us. Whether it's Sweet Caroline, Hella Good, or Uptown Funk, it's still a complete blast, every time! We are downtown cool that isn't afraid to interact, laugh, and play our hearts out for the best, most memorable time ever. Just look at our reviews, too, as we have a reputation for reliability and excellence. Click here, email Bryan at BryanRossAnderton@gmail.com, or call us at 512-773-6065 to reserve your date!

+ Do you provide lights and pa?

We do! The Argyles are an easy one-stop-shop. Standard booking includes everything needed but the stage.

+ What songs do you play, and can I help shape the set list?

Check out our extensive song catalog here! The Argyles can bring it for as long as you need, and never repeat a song. Through experience, we have worked to construct song sequences that really flow. We will work with clients to customize the set in order to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. But often, it's easier to let us know which songs you don't want to hear, and then trust in our experience and ability to make the night seamless!

+ Will you learn a special song?

Absolutely! We will learn two special song requests (oftentimes for special dances) if we don't already know them. And if you want more? Just ask!

+ Do you DJ in between sets?

We make sure that your music is completely taken care of all night long, with a custom playlist set at the right volume between sets.

+ Can I bring an iPod for the breaks?

Certainly! If you prefer your own playlist for any part of the evening or event, that is completely welcome. We just ask that you let us know beforehand.

+ How do I know that I'm getting the band that is advertised?

The Argyles are a tight, well-rehearsed band with unmistakable chemistry. We are not a franchise or cloned band, which usually consists of hired or substitute players who have never worked together.

+ Do you use backing tracks?

We are 100% live and all natural! No backing tracks, and no digital enhancement.

+ Do you offer a cocktail hour jazz trio, ceremony sound or any other musical configurations?

Our goal is to provide you with all the desired music and sound needs for your event, so whether it's a sound system, a jazz trio during cocktails, a full string quartet, or something else, we can make it happen. Pricing and options available upon request.

+ Is the rate all inclusive? And how do I get your rate?

Please contact us for a rate quote, as often rates may vary depending on the desired specifications. Click to email, write to us at BryanRossAnderton@gmail.com, or call us at 512-773-6065. The quote you will receive generally includes a 4-hour block for performance, travel, sound, lighting, lodging (if needed), emcee, and more.

+ How far in advance do I need to book?

The sooner, the better! Dates can fill up quickly. But whether it's next week or next year, check with us, and we will let you know availability and can put a hold on a date for you. Click to email, write to Bryan at BryanRossAnderton@gmail.com, or call us at 512-773-6065.

+ How do I book The Argyles?

Click here and get the process started! We'd love to talk to you! Click though, email Bryan at BryanRossAnderton@gmail.com, or give us a call at 512-773-6065. We simply need your event date and location so we can reserve your special event!